Make your live stream an immersive experience.

The solution for streamers looking to captivate their audience and boost their revenue with immersive interactions.

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How it works

Stream Paid has arrived to revolutionize the way streamers can engage their audience and, consequently, earn revenue. We are a solution to personalize your immersive to specific live interactions.


Integrate your streaming platform account with our solution.


Create exclusive rewards for your viewers.


Establish the amounts you want to charge for interactions.


Engage your audience through exclusive rewards.

Simplified integration

Quickly link your streaming platform account to our solution.

Integrate in 4 steps.

Access our dashboard to define rewards.

Offer exclusive rewards

On the dashboard, customize the interactive rewards you will offer for each event.

Choose the amount and reward for each event.

Have a dashboard with your total earnings.

Build loyalty with your viewers

Offer exclusive rewards to your viewers.

Win over your audience with immersive and different interactions.

Increase your chances of attracting more audience.

Create consistent revenue

The more loyal your audience is, the more money you can make consistently.

Increase your earnings by up to 10x with paid interactions.

Partnerships with brands

Get closer to brands that run campaigns within the platform.

Make partnerships and increase your profit.

By forming partnerships, gain authority and attract more audiences.

What our customers say

StreamPaid has been an essential tool, helping to build an audience and visibility for my channel. Plus, it solidified my revenue base with personalized interactions that audiences love.
In Minecash with the StreamPaid solution and the results were incredible. My visibility, engagement and earnings have increased significantly. Now, I use this platform whenever possible. Sensational!
Participating in Minecash was an incredibly interactive experience that delighted both the audience and me. StreamPaid's solution was essential in making this possible. A fantastic experience on the canal!
StreamPaid strengthened the connection with the audience, boosting average viewers and increasing the channel's earnings. It was a unique experience and highly recommended for significant improvements.
Anna Beatriz
It transformed my life, boosting my channel and making dreams come true. It wasn't just money, the emotion of playing and interacting with followers was incredible. This experience divided my life into "before" and "after" Minecash, I am eternally grateful!
I've experienced great success as a content creator, engaging my audience in interactive challenges that have significantly increased the channel's income. The excitement led me to do more frequent and longer streams than usual.
Meio Elfo
Minecash brought innovation to the channel, breaking fundraising records and intensifying interaction in live chat. The fun was intense, turning into hours. Working as a group with the program was key to success.


Streamers and live content creators, who have a minimal and loyal audience and want to convert their audience into paid shares to create consistent revenue.

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We currently do not offer free trials, however you only pay us if you earn money from the events transacted through our platform.

No, Stream Paid manages the interactions purchased by viewers during live broadcasts and transforms them into interactions or actions.